CLP 021: You Are What You Speak

_______________ The words we speak over ourselves, not only reveal what’s already happening on the inside, but have the innate ability to empower or imprison us, building us up or tearing us down for the days to come. Change the narrative; change your life. Save Please LIKE & FOLLOW me:

CLP 020: God is Love, Not Religion

_______________ Religion has become somewhat of a buzz word these days, and it’s been used, more traditionally, in reference to people who attend any given church. However… religion was never Gods doing, it’s man made, and whether we like it or not, recognize it or not… we’ve all dabbled, or are dabbling, in religion. That […]

CLP 019: Build A Core Group That Wins

______________ Build a core group that inspires, empowers, and motivates you towards greatness. _______________ Follow Chris online: Facebook Twitter Instagram Soundcloud Save Save Please LIKE & FOLLOW me:

CLP 018: What Doesn’t Kill You

_______________ What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, wiser, and better prepared for what lies ahead. _______________ Chris Online: Facebook Twitter Instagram Soundcloud Save Please LIKE & FOLLOW me:

CLP 017: Seth Godin’s ‘Poke The Box’ Book Review & Why You Need to Be Reading

_______________ A book review on Seth Godin’s ‘Poke the Box’, and why you need to be reading. Seth Godin’s ‘Poke the Box’ on Amazon: ‘Poke the Box’ Kindle Edition: More Seth Godin on Amazon: Seth’s Blog: _______________ Some of Chris’ favorite book resources: Abe Books: Overdrive: _______________ Follow Chris […]