CLP 015: Jim Willis

_______________ Sometimes you meet people and just know that there’s something special about them. This is my conversation with Jim Willis, a husband, father, Vietnam veteran, and devoted follower of Jesus Christ. _______________ Save Save Please LIKE & FOLLOW me:

CLP 013: Stephen Mansfield on Leadership & Demanding Religious Clarity

He’s a celebrated speaker, a Fox News & CNN commentator, he owns a leadership company called ‘The Mansfield Group’, and he’s a NYT best selling author of the book ‘The Faith of George W Bush’, among many other award winning books including his most recent one entitled ‘Ask the Question: Why We Must Demand Religious […]

CLP 012: Amanda Wilcox Patterson on Choosing Hope Over Cancer

Well, today’s podcast is a special one. I have been really looking forward to sitting down with my next guest for quite some time. She and I go back a few years because we have don e some touring together doing music, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. Although, we will get a […]

CLP 011: Peace & Love To Orlando

  A few thoughts as I’ve continued to reflect on the terrorist attack in Orlando. Peace & Love to Orlando. _______________ CHRIS ONLINE: FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM WEBSITE Please LIKE & FOLLOW me: