CLP 005: 12 Minutes On ‘Empathy’

I honestly believe that if we are more intentional about talking less and listening more, about learning to walk a mile in another persons shoes, we can, and will, have more meaningful fruitful fellowship & relationship along life’s journey. We can’t understand people’s points of view if we don’t first hear what they have to […]

CLP 004: Jeremy Mayfield and His Search for Truth

Jeremy Mayfield… one of the most authentic, real, engaging, talented, mysterious, unique (in a good way) and likable gents you’ll ever meet. Listen as Jeremy reflects on acceptance, his struggle with depression & anxiety, and his search for truth. _______________ JEREMY ONLINE: FACEBOOK TWITTER SING A PSALM UNSUNG LIFE Please LIKE & FOLLOW me:

CLP 003: Jody McBrayer Finds Faith To Keep Breathing

“Don’t suffer alone, don’t suffer in silence, don’t isolate yourself just b/c you think nobody understands…” – Jody McBrayer He’s a professional recording artist, one of the most brilliant singers you’ll ever hear, in fact, watching him, as his career unfolded, is one of the things that really inspired me to pursue music professionally… he’s […]

CLP 001: Ed Litton Talks About Life & Redemption

“I am more wicked than I could ever imagine, but God is more loving and gracious than I could ever hope or dream” – Ed Litton From a drunken sailor, to a hotel full of prostitutes, from the brokenness of losing a soul mate, to the joy of fatherhood, listen as I talk with Ed […]