CLP 003: Jody McBrayer Finds Faith To Keep Breathing

“Don’t suffer alone, don’t suffer in silence, don’t isolate yourself just b/c you think nobody understands…” – Jody McBrayer

He’s a professional recording artist, one of the most brilliant singers you’ll ever hear, in fact, watching him, as his career unfolded, is one of the things that really inspired me to pursue music professionally… he’s just released a brand new solo CD, called “Keep Breathing”, but he’s most recognized as one of the founding members of the incredibly successful pop vocal group, Avalon.

Now some few months ago before I even began the work toward podcasting, Jody and I had some time to visit together, and yet again, Jody McBrayer inspired me, because as we talked candidly about life, listening to him openly share his pain, and the demons with which he wrestles made me realize how important it is for us as human beings to have others who will simply sit and listen, and I’ve not always been great at that… but what a privilege it is for us when anybody gives you the honor of seeing you as somebody they feel they can trust in sharing their life with, and what a blessing that somebody would consider you, or me, important enough to quietly, uncondemningly, with understanding… simply listen to what you, or I, have to say. In this world of social media, we are so connected, and yet so alone. I want to be better about connecting with people, heart and soul… we’ve got enough of the superficial… and Jody is far from that.

After that first meeting, I remember Jody telling me that he was concerned that I might think less of him… and honestly… that couldn’t be further from the truth. Knowing a little more about who he really is, I actually appreciate & think more highly of him now than I did, not knowing, and I know you will too… so with that… I give you the man of the hour…









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