CLP 005: 12 Minutes On ‘Empathy’

I honestly believe that if we are more intentional about talking less and listening more, about learning to walk a mile in another persons shoes, we can, and will, have more meaningful fruitful fellowship & relationship along life’s journey. We can’t understand people’s points of view if we don’t first hear what they have to say. People will hear you if you take time to hear them… if you don’t care, then expect people to not care in return. Some of the finest words that have ever been spoken are “do to others as you would have them do to you”. If you want people to genuinely celebrate with you when you have reason to celebrate, to identify with you in your pain, then strive in making the effort towards being empathetic to others. Love with open ears, an open heart, and an open mind. The next time it could be you in need of a friend.
Empathy will pay great dividends in return if we will just learn to embrace one another, flaws and all, and I mean the real dirty stuff too. Be more interested in hearing rather than being heard, more interested in finding common ground rather than bickering about differences. It’s not easy, I know, believe me, I do… but I also believe, though it may not be the solution to all life’s problems… empathy is definitely a fantastic place to start. I’m learning to be more empathetic because I know how I feel when others are the same towards me, and as I put it into practice I’m finally realizing and understanding it’s value… it’s a life long journey of discovery, but I do hope that you’ll join me.

God bless.






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