CLP 009: Why Jean Thomason (Miss Patty Cake) Wants You AND Your Kids – Pt. 1


Well this weeks podcast is part one of a two part conversation and it’s gonna be awesome because I am talking to the amazing Miss Patty Cake, whose real name is actually Jean Thomason… now you might not have a clue as to who I’m talking about… my kids do though… but if you don’t and you are a parent, a soon to be parent, or at least it’s on your radar to someday be a parent… you are more than likely racking your brain, or at least you will be, trust me, trying to figure out how in the heck you’re going to successfully raise children in this crazy world. That’s where Jean steps in, and that is her specialty.

If I could sum up what her life’s work of 20 years has been in my own words… I would say Jean engages and educates little minds on a level where they can begin to fully grasp & comprehend God. Now you may not believe in God… and that’s fine, but I encourage you to take time and listen to what she has to say. There’s so much good food for thought here. Jean has also written a new book entitled “PEP Talks” which is a ‘Can do guide in sharing God’s Big Love with Little Lives”… whether you be a parent, grandparent, teacher, whatever… this book is an easy read but very insightful and very helpful in giving you practical advice as you try to better the lives of the children for which you are responsible.  My wife read over half the book the other night and said it was fantastic so we talk about her career as Patty Cake, the new book, her life, her struggles, and why she feels it’s necessary for us to start teaching our children about God from day one because if we don’t take responsibility for our children, somebody else will. So here we go, part one of two, and just so you know before you call your kids into the room and tell them that Patty Cake is about to be on the internet… this is a conversation more for the adults. So ladies and gentlemen… my friend… Jean ‘Patty Cake’ Thomason…






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