CLP 010: Why Jean Thomason (Miss Patty Cake) Wants You AND Your KIds – Pt. 2


Well this weeks podcast is part two of my conversation with Jean Thomason, the person your kids probably know as the amazing Miss Patty Cake. If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to Part 1, I encourage you to go back and do so, just so you can get a better understanding of her life and career as Patty Cake, why she does what she does, and the wisdom she has in helping parents engage and educate little minds on a level where they can begin to fully grasp & comprehend God.

This week we really dig into the heart of who Jean Thomason is, which you’ll find is an endearing, compassionate, and loving human being. There’s so much good food for thought here. Woven througout the conversation we continue to talk about her new book entitled “PEP Talks” which is a ‘Can do guide in sharing God’s Big Love with Little Lives”… so whether you be a parent, grandparent, teacher, whatever… this book is an easy read but very insightful and very helpful in giving you practical advice as you try to better the lives of the children for which you are responsible. Remember… If we don’t take responsibility for our children, somebody else will. So here we go, part two of two, and just so you know before you call your kids into the room and tell them that Patty Cake is about to be on the internet… this is a conversation more for the adults. So ladies and gentlemen… put your seatbelts on for the fabulous Jean ‘Patty Cake’ Thomason….






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