CLP 002: Jason Barton on Chasing Dreams, Forgiveness, & His One Life to Love

“Welcome to the Chris Lockwood Podcast…

So for my second podcast…  it’s my joy to introduce Jason Barton.  We were once business partners, more specifically we were once a band called 33miles for almost 10 years, he truly is one of the finest singers you’ll find in Nashville today, but more important than that, he’s somebody I consider to be my friend and my brother.  This is the story of a man who discovered his dream somewhat by accident at the age of 5 and the journey on which that dream has taken him.  Sometimes the dream takes different forms and leads us into uknown territory but the point is that we keep moving forward, keep striving.  I hope this inspires you to keep dreaming your dreams and to never lose hope.  It’s probably not gonna be all fun and games, it’s probably not gonna look like all you envisioned it would be, but over time you never know what good things may come of it all, if you just stay the course.”






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