I don’t know what brought it on, but lately, when my daughter goes outside to play, she makes it her mission to find a four leaf clover.  Besides it being obvious evidence that my yard is probably in need of a good weed and feed, I found myself learning a lesson from the whole thing.

You see, Ella, my 10 year old daughter, has heard somewhere that four leaf clovers are rare and hard to find, and, to be honest, somewhere I read, or heard, the same exact thing.  I never bothered to question where I read it, why it was written, who started that rumor, or if it’s even true, but for some reason I, like many others, bought into what could potentially be nothing short of bogus.  Regardless, Ella goes outside excited, curious, seeking, searching, anxious to find her prize, and when she’s found one…  she comes running in, ecstatic about her lucky charm, and excited to show everybody.  I found it cute at first, but now I find myself respecting her and here’s why…

What if the answers to life’s mysteries are not, in and of themselves, mysteries, but more a result our own lack of awe and wander?  Could it be that the job, the business, the girl, the guy, the opportunity, the dream, the change is right there, right here, underneath our noses, but we’ve somehow bought into an unproven conspiracy theory, like the four leaf clover, that finding it is next to impossible?  What if you walked out the door today, tomorrow, everyday, with awe and wander, like Ella, certain that there’s a clover with four leaves out here?  And I say here, because they’re literally right here in our yard…  she doesn’t have to go to a neighbor’s yard, another city, state, or country to find one, she simply steps outside.  It’s as if she says to herself, “I’m not going in until I find it…”, and, low and behold, she does it.  It’s that simple.  Then when she finds it, she’s overjoyed, she’s not disappointed that she couldn’t find two or ticked off because it’s not the biggest one on the planet, she’s simply content in her efforts, happy with the day’s success, then moves onto the next thing.

Look, let’s be real, I know it’s just a stupid weed.  I mean, how could we possibly compare a clover with “adult things”, but I can’t help but think that we may have blown those “adult things” out of proportion.  Maybe the dream, the business, or whatever it may be, isn’t coming through, not because it’s rare, out of reach, doesn’t exist, or it’s too late, but because we’re just not that curious, crazy, or even desperate enough to go out and hunt it down.  Everything we think too risky, scary, impossible…  is it?  Or is it the resistance, Steven Pressfield wrote of in his book The War of Art, pushing us back into the seat of the complacent, the fearful, the skeptic?  Ella disproves the conspiracy of the four leaf clover often, and whether she finds it or not doesn’t bother her.  It’s an adventure, and she loves the adventure, clover or no clover.  She’s spirited, adventurous, inquisitive, and because of personalities like hers, there’s a story to tell, a blog to post, a movie to see, a lesson to be learned, a life to be celebrated, and the adventure is, literally, right outside the front door.

So what’s your conspiracy?  Is it true?  How do you know?  Are you willing to go out looking, to take the leap, to go out on that adventure?  You could, right now, be wondering, lost, in a field of four leaf clovers…  have you tried looking yet?  Don’t give up before you get started.  Even just looking, success or no success, can be fun, and if you do find one, who knows what luck you may hold in your hand!  Sure, the analogy might be a bit of a stretch, but I think you get it.

Four leaf clovers…  who knew?

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