Stop Looking Back

“No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit (for the kingdom of God).”

It’s pretty self explanatory, but let’s put it this way…  if you stare out the rear window while doing 80 on the freeway you’re more than likely going to crash, if you pay more attention to the obstacles you’ve already bypassed versus focusing on your next step while walking through a minefield things aren’t going to end well for you, if you’re a flying trapeze artist and your focus is more on the platform you just left than the clown headed towards you hanging upside down…  well, I just pray to God there’s a net down there.

There were some really good times, there were some bad one’s too, successes we love to relive, regrets that make us cringe, unexpected friendships, family that disappointed us, missed opportunities, experiences that helped shape us into who we are…

We can look at it one of two ways…  the more life you live, the more past there is to reminisce and miss, or the more life you live the more experience & understanding is available to us in making the best use of the time we have left.  If we keep looking back, we keep missing the beauty that’s right in front us, feeling overlooked, unsuccessful, lost, but when we realign our focus, paying attention to what’s real, what’s now, we’re able to leverage the time, enjoy the people around us, creating more welcomed & enjoyable experiences.

So back to the original point, like a farmer, if we put our hands to the plow while focusing on the tracks we made, then we potentially sacrifice enjoying a bountiful harvest, but that being said…  although we may have to walk through difficult seasons, learning tough lessons, missing out here and there, a setback is not the end but, rather, an opportunity to grow, becoming better aware & prepared for the next day, the next season.  It’s often the tiniest adjustments that make the most differences in our fitness for the day, life, even the kingdom of God.

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